Sunday, August 2, 2009

Question: what is NTH's dinner when his aunt is not free?


plate of vege & meat that pretend like vege as well...

bowl of soup with unknown ingredient...

...and this portion of rice..

This just look like a perfect diet menu, which will make me look more slim, like this famous fellow in ice age 3...
with a nut of course

Sigh, luckily I have a secret hideout with some secret storing food, for emergency purpose

Meet the savior
...Ok ok, i know someone is laughing there...

saviors that been labeled with a "perencah KARI"

For those who know me well, I wouldn't take any spicy hot food, unless nobody inform me, or delivering wrong message by telling me "oh you should try this, it's not spicy AT ALL"

But at home, its a different story, nobody will be able to see me sweating like no others did

What? Can't imagine how I look like? Make your house de water pipe loose and you will get some picture la.

adiós, enjoy my 2nd round dinner 1st

Add-on: know, sometime you should be caution to everything

For a hungry dude like me, what will you do?

Just get the ingredient out, cook, get a bowl, serve and eat.

It's normal procedure.

But but but...guess you all will take note of something first right?



I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

I gotta feeling~ that tonight gotta be a GOOD GOOD NITE~

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michikosia said...

wtf! put my favorite song to describe something tat so gross wtf wtf wtf!!!!!