Saturday, August 29, 2009


我睡了一覺卻更覺得疲勞 頭髮糾結像一把稻草
在鏡子前面穿了又再脫掉 透過皮膚看得到心跳
兩條鎖骨蒼白的線條 掛著隱形沈重的背包
我的赤裸沒人看到 就像講話沒人瞭

沙發變成電椅 讓人痲痹
對話的只有冷氣 在為我歎息

如果 王子的新衣 可以讓我挑選 我的動脈會被看見
寧可危險 有些瘋癲 沒有遮掩
穿著 王子的新衣 在人群面前 想看看你們瘋狂的臉
會愛我 不愛我 不必敷衍
是靠在我胸前 還是說再見

我洗了一個澡 煙霧纏繞 突然很喜歡氧氣的稀薄
地板的水有個旋渦 我常常幻想能被他吞噬掉
身上的水不想擦掉 在床上會躺成獨特的符號
等世界需要對我騷擾 當它是我的海報

你說你的道理 我不反擊
但這是我的遊戲 有我的規矩

如果 王子的新衣 可以讓我挑選 我的動脈會被看見
寧可危險 有些瘋癲 沒有遮掩

穿著 王子的新衣 在人群面前 想看看你們瘋狂的臉
會愛我 不愛我 不必敷衍
是靠在我胸前 還是說再見

領口很透明 可以算計 喉結跳動的頻率
雙手擁抱的用力 你看得清
我的肩 我的膝 受傷留下的痕跡
我願意 都透明 全部透明

我的 王子的新衣 依然掛在房間 等待機會出場表演
到那一天 或許我會 不再無言

如果 王子的新衣 可以讓我挑選 我的動脈會被看見
寧可危險 有些瘋癲 沒有遮掩
穿著 王子的新衣 在人群面前 想看看你們瘋狂的臉
會愛我 不愛我 不必敷衍
是靠在我胸前 還是說再見

this song shud be posted a year ago, but for some reason (laziness) it has been delayed, its not too late to post now lalala~

good lyric i must say, so far its 1 of my favorite song among his album, lolx :D

Thursday, August 13, 2009


don look at me, i'm not trying to say anything else at this moment but a merely shout out will do all the work, here it goes:


if possible, hope will travel to melacca and sg as well, greedy me :)

Ciao1 ciao2 ciao3 ciao4! mayb I need to go bella italiano more often to learn how 2 spell this more like an italian, anyone sponsor? :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

fill in the blank

a moody day, just don feel like laughing, or even smiling

is it because of my workload?

or my study started?

or even worst

just because i'm having a cold war with someone who care for me so much?

yawn, i don know...just feel like have been isolated and confused

thought i'm comfortable while being separated from world sometimes?

or this is just not the right timing for me to stay back the line, in the other word, be alone?


all i need is a hug and a break, i guess

being human being, is difficult

while others starting learn to think, to observe, to act, to accept, to reject

i'm still on the track

learn to learn

wish to have a little more time for me, for them

thanks to those who help wipe off my tears, when i'm sad

thanks to those who worried for me, when i'm alone

thanks to those who smile at me, and share the joyfulness

thanks to those who gave me a hand and a hug, when i need one

thanks to those who forgive me, for what i've done

thanks to those who scold me without any hesitation, but with caring

thanks to those who hurt me before, which make me stronger

thanks to everyone, thats why

i'm here

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Question: what is NTH's dinner when his aunt is not free?


plate of vege & meat that pretend like vege as well...

bowl of soup with unknown ingredient...

...and this portion of rice..

This just look like a perfect diet menu, which will make me look more slim, like this famous fellow in ice age 3...
with a nut of course

Sigh, luckily I have a secret hideout with some secret storing food, for emergency purpose

Meet the savior
...Ok ok, i know someone is laughing there...

saviors that been labeled with a "perencah KARI"

For those who know me well, I wouldn't take any spicy hot food, unless nobody inform me, or delivering wrong message by telling me "oh you should try this, it's not spicy AT ALL"

But at home, its a different story, nobody will be able to see me sweating like no others did

What? Can't imagine how I look like? Make your house de water pipe loose and you will get some picture la.

adiós, enjoy my 2nd round dinner 1st

Add-on: know, sometime you should be caution to everything

For a hungry dude like me, what will you do?

Just get the ingredient out, cook, get a bowl, serve and eat.

It's normal procedure.

But but but...guess you all will take note of something first right?



I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

I gotta feeling~ that tonight gotta be a GOOD GOOD NITE~