Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nth's Christmas Present

Dear readers, have you been running out of idea for Christmas celebration? If yes, read this entry further, you will find out how creative Malaysian x-generation teenagers are on brain storming. They are trying to have fun with polices, and probably they are hoping polices will enjoy the same thing as the teenagers did, which unfortunately not.

I bet they did not receive any nice Christmas present from Santa, at least I did. Check out mine:

-1st present: medicine for food poisoning

Pill anyone? No they are not for shaking head purpose...

-2nd present: a ticket that allow me to sleep whole day without any interruption

They are ready for me after this blog entry,wii~

-3rd present: nicely wrapped toilet paper

Toilet paper: I will follow you~~

Blessed Christmas presents to me, thanks Santa... Envy? Okay back to my bed and turn on sleeping mode again.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Return

It's been few days without my old buddy, though there's a replacement for him, somehow I don't get used to it. While I was still wondering when he will back, the mechanic brought him back without any notification, with a free gift, a bill amount rm380…

Fine, since repaint work included in repairing. I’m very appreciated for their hard work, it’s really more than a miracle to me, they actually cover up the scar on my old buddy and it seems like brand new…okay half brand new, with the freebie they left.

The red line indicate the damage area

tada~ miracle!! it's brand new!!

Much cheaper than my expectation, since that mechanic live near my area so it’s really convenience, to me. However they have left their memorable finger prints on him as well, sigh… Alright alright, I know what I should do, it’s my duty anyway. It spent me an hour for this washing-the-dirt-and-finger-prints-off process, *mumbling mumbling…

Sigh, sigh sigh… I really got poor eye sight…How the hell could I didn’t notice that the part of front-side bumper been tear apart? It looked weird now, not to me though. If anyone seen it somewhere near Sarawak Plaza, please kindly collects it for me, mystery reward will be / may be provided, thanks.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Way to release your anger???

Sometimes I'm very angry, or frustrated, or both in the same time. It might be because of certain acts, or even more ridiculous, being a sadist without any reason.

"Where's my milk? I'M ANGRY LIAO O!!!"

How did I get this emo problem off so far? Simple, listening to music will do, and sing out loud.


Well this is my own way to express, it's very normal I know, at least I don't behave like the kid in this video...

Reasons for why I don't:

-I don't dare to smash my keyboard like he did, because I can hardly get a new one, it's EXPENSIVE you know

-My family will rush to me before I can completely destroy my keyboard like the kid did.

-My neighbours will LOL at me while making a call to police station.

-I feel paiseh when my face been displayed in newspaper as hot topic.

-The keyboard might be harder than my hands, it might remain undamaged while I need to visit hospital for my poor hands.

Note : The kid in that video is not really that mad, he's acting, I just wanna show you all how mad can a person goes like, and how funny it is.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Now What? Download Also Illegal?

Download at your own risk

"KUALA LUMPUR: If you download material illegally from the Internet, be prepared to fork out a minimum fine of RM250,000.

This is the warning from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry to Malaysians who continue to illegally download songs, videos and the like... "

For more details, view here

What you think, readers? This seems like an "improvement" again, congratulation to them, to those who set this rule.

What else can I try to commend? I don't wish to be the next after NAMEWEE (Wee Meng Chee), if you know what happen to him after he revealed his identity as a singer of "Negarakuku". Click to watch in youtube, I just can't show it in here, dude here is Malaysia YOU KNOW.

Omg, respect to that flag you know?

Seriously, as a MALAYSIAN nowadays, yes you have freedom, but not totally free as what the word means. You want some examples? FINE, you asked for it.

-if you wanna critic bout Malaysia politicians, do it "wisely", you must not directly say they are wrong, even if the fact is, they really are.

you should keep your mouth shut, if not they might sue you if they feel that it is necessary, or the least, announce in newspapers and make it publicity. Never google democracy and show this to them, or else you're likely in trouble. See Khairy case:

"Never crossed my mind to apologise!! Fight for our race!!" contradiction of democracy, please don't tell us that you're from OXFORD, if yes, wasted

-don't try to challenge them by asking question like:" can you please do this and that to help other races?" They might LOL at you in their heart, and answer your questions IN NEWSPAPER or TV.

Note: I DON'T MEAN to be racist here, but if you insist to think so, up to you, I have high tolerance on stupidity and for those who have disability to understand. Read more:Lim Kit Siang's Blog

Some of my friends asked me whats next after this? Hmm wondering wondering, the possibilities are uncountable, depend on how they play the law, oh sorry, TYPING ERROR, i mean, how they set and enforce the principles of law.

Maybe we can't... :

-watch vcd or dvd at home, in order to solve the pirated problem?

-study at foreign university, only locally


Note: All of above assumption are JOKES, if you take them seriously it's your problem.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Did you ever...?

I' like to watch some funny videos in youtube, funny in the sense that sometimes these videos are focus mostly in making fun of others. So this time, I'll share some of them that are related to parody.

Did anyone ever watch Britney Spears <Gimme More> music video? If you have not been to, here's a link to the official clips :

it's been a history, Britney

After you have watched it, or maybe you don't even bother to try do so, I'm hereby proudly present to you, the NONSENSE yet FUNNY VERSION:

Oh by the way, this video might cause some inner impact that completely ruin your Britney Spear's image, so don't try to click and watch if you're one of Britney's big fans.

Another hilarious clip, also parody by the guy Gregory Scarnici as Britney in the previous act, in this clip he's trying to do the same thing to Fergie, a great singer in the group Black Eyed Peas.

Fergie:" Omigosh!! Someone parody me?"

Black Eyed Peas:"It's kind of serious when one of us been parody, gentlemen"

Follow up by a parody of Beyonce "ring the alarm", I just love the music, while enjoying the laughter. Another WARNING, a censored scene which might be quite uncomfortable to certain individual, so don't try to play the video if you're not ready.

Beyonce da great

I've found a higher quality clip of "ring the alarm" from, don't blame me for late informing, I've just found it.

Monday, December 10, 2007


We've been reminded to be "creative" and include every possible creativeness in every idea. However, does the attachment of creativeness in an action achieve certain goal?

If you think this topic is very confusing, I'll make it another way round for more interesting explanation, how bout for example; when Magnum 4D company implement their idea in a couple's blessed wedding dinner? For those who don't really know what this company is, its a licensed company that operate "gambling" activity legally.

Seriously this is not a joke, I've just witnessed a gift like this in a wedding dinner:

I'm going to be rich soon, real soon...

back view of the "gift"

Warning: ADULT CONTENT, please read this with parental advice if you're under 21 yo

get yourself a pen to fill this up

Let me count...approximately it's RM1,000,000?? wohooo~

I admit it's creative, since this wedding dinner got lot's of attendants who like to try their luck, without having to queue up a few lines for grabbing a chance to win the prize money away. But it's scary when the attendants include those guys who are addicted to this gambling, they will even spend half of their salary for few pieces of small paper, and nothing else. If this creativeness will work as reminder to those innocent individuals, I can only shut my mouth up, and see this tragicomedy repeatings.

The fact is... I left this "gift" on the table right after the wedding dinner, because I was not really fancy of this kind of opportunity, since it's very mere possibility for me to get this windfall gain, why don't I just face the reality? I've just get used to live with an empty wallet, and a grateful attitude toward my life. Also appreciate this company to implement this creativeness, and indirectly provide me the idea to have this blog entry.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Spring

I've waiting for this shopping mall for ages, ages!! Though there are other jumbo size malls going to show up in Kuching as well, but my expectation toward The Spring is much higher, since it's located near my house...

(Anonymous A: hey it's not jumbo to others ok?)
(Anonymous B: forgive that frog lolx, he's still in his well)
(Anonymous A: a wishing well lmao!!)
(Anonymous B: suddenly feel like wanna make lots of wishes, any coin?)
(Anonymous A: stone will do)

Well, quite a number of bloggers have discussed bout the update process and attachment of pictures, so there's no point for me to repeat the same line again and again. So I will end up this entry now...

...Nah~~ To tell the truth, I'm more interested in the tenant list, what are they going to sell to us is attracting me, especially the Manhattan Fish Market and Sushi King, oooOOO yeahh~ Well I'm not quite sure how tasty the food is, they should not turn me down with their reputation.

Here's a tenant name in The Spring that capture my attention immediately, M.S COLLECTION!!!

My definition:
M.S = Mobile Suit, include GUNDAM
M.S Collection = Lots of GUNDAM models???

"Looking for me?"

Wohohoho YEAH~ !!!
(Anonymous A: gundam freak)
(Anonymous B: call police or ambulance?)
(Anonymous A: just dig a hole and get him buried)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oops, this is no good...

Why do I start a post with this title? f-i-s-h-y~

Well..there's explanation for this, I've just started blogging yesterday, but I've been out of track and keep mumbling bout the accident, and it's not a good starting point, I guess... Apology to readers and myself, for not expressing my mood properly.
Anyway, it's not too late to make a start now
( Anonymous A: Boooo it's too late!!!!).

Perhaps I should start with a simple way, my name is nth
( Anonymous A: AHAHAHA~ why your name so funny one?)
... ...

Well it's an initial for my name, for those who knows me should know
(Anonymous A: You mean it?)

Ya seriously, this is an initial for...
(Anonymous A: Man that initial just funny to me)
(Anonymous B: And his english is funny to me as well ahahaha~)
(Anonymous A: Lolx how dare you B, however it's true, lol lol lol~)
... ... ...

A,anyway, I'm a peace lover who...
(Anonymous A: OMG he's telling a joke!!)
(Anonymous B:a poor joke)
... ... ... ...
please let me finish my words...

(Anonymous A: okie boss)
(Anonymous B: no problem boss)

Btw where am I...oh right, as I was saying, I'm a peace lover who dislike of violence, especially pointing guns at others. I will start some simple posting about my life, interesting matters around me, and bla bla bla...

Please do point out any mistake or unsuitable words I've mentioned in my blog, which I didn't realize they were negative. Leaving comment is a great present to me, do not hesitate to do so. And please, bear with my poor english standard, I'll try my best to achieve some insignificant improvement.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stupid Driving Skill

I just don't get it.

How long I've been driving on road?

-Few years.

How often did i bump into other cars?

-once per year, if not mistaken

-generally this is not an estimated or desirable number for future

-and it's not what i hope for in my future, touchwood

However it just happen on today
Damn it

What? You can't read what i'm trying to say because the font size is too small?
sorry sorry

i mean, DAMN IT

This kind of accident normally screw up a normal individual mood, and this one just accidentally screwed up mine and my family's mood.

I don't really have the mood to explain the whole "event" in details, to make it short, my car just "scratch" with the car which park at roadside, somewhere near Sarawak Plaza.

I knew that i can't blame on anyone, since it's my own fault for not paying so much attention.

But try to think of it, what the heck did that stupid guy park at roadside?? For his or her own convenience? Furthermore it's a busy road ??

I admit, sometimes if I'm being too busy, i will do the same thing, in the condition that my car is not causing any trouble to other road users.

But elo uncle/ auntie,

-did you see how many cars passing by?

-do you know how small the road is? Especially when you block out one side?

-do you know what will happen due to your fraudulent but innocent action?

DO YOU?? I really hope you did because your action just causing damage toward my dear old car. It's not a stack of money or more than that can comfort me and make yourself less guilty, perhaps you're not being guilty at all.

What? You're telling me to thank you, appreciate for that you do not park like this?

"Look kid, usually i park this way!!"
thank you...

My dear old car has sacrificed a lot for me, because of my poor driving skill. Sorry old buddy...

Immediately I came out from my car to look for that guy to tell him "sorry i've scratched your car just now, hope your car is okay, if any repairing needed please tell me."

However when i walked nearby his car, i found out that car remain undamaged. Okay, it's my luck maybe. Or maybe it's his luck? Furthermore, he's not in his car!!! Wth, you thought your car is what?? Autobot like transformer is it???

"No worry, we will transform and move away if master is not around"

Can you imagine that he's actually leaving his car there? Only his wife or whoever she is, came out from that car and walked away, like telling me"It's none of my business", " I don't know o~ DON'T KNOW O~~"

Okay it's fine, I've done what I should do instead of hit and run, but what should I tell my aunt? She'll be very upset if she heard this happen again.

Screw it, thats why I don't like to drive. After telling her honestly what happen to her car, she kept quiet for whole day. Exactly the same thing I've been estimated.

It's a very bad feeling when someone who is caring for you is upset, and especially they're upset because of you, even if they not telling.

Bloody, though i know it's my own fault but i still feel like want to complaint about it, to nobody. And hate those who park like this for being so inconsiderate. Don't feel like being a good guy anymore, this is stupid when almost everyone is doing the same thing and you still being considerable for others.

There's something we called "what goes around, comes around".

Sincerely I hope that guy will park his car at roadside again, and hope someone will drive something nice over, maybe something like this:


Or even something much better than a bigfoot...

Double awesome!!

Finally a song to illustrate my current feeling towards the owner of that car...

Britney Spears - Piece Of Me