Thursday, August 14, 2008

this is not a title i repeat this is not a title so don read me u still continue reading less breath huh ok i give up this is a title actually

So you manage to read the whole ridiculous long marathon title? Congratulation but I got no gift here, just a minor entertainment I provide here.

Recently I'm just over my killing peak audit period, if you're going to ask me how it actually feels like, try to read the title again for 10 times without taking a breath. :>

And because of this situation, I've been forced to give up time for certain entertainment, so I wouldn't be beaten up easily by this heavy workload.

It's weird, for no reason my blog paragraph is getting shorter, and shorter.

I feel like want to post some pics, but to tell the truth, I didn't take any interesting pics recently. To tell MORE truth, I was stuck in the square dimension, which we so call "office", which which only contain countable-but-you-wouldn't-try-to-count de papers, which which which you all most probably wouldn't interested in.

Some ask me, what is the word "audit" actually for? Isn't it same with "account"?

No it's not same la, I'll show you how different they are.


Can't you tell the difference? audit only got 5 alphabet, however account got 7.

Answer is clear, it's a cold and lame joke I'm trying to tell here.


Ok funny.

They're actually the same stuff, with same requirement, which is a pair of hands, eyes, brain and the most essential is...a calculator.

Definition for accounting is, you make up the accounts, whether they are true or in the other way round, a fake 1.

For auditing, you're wasting time when you're checking a true account, and you can do anything you like to those who make fake accounts, cause you're stepping on their hidden tails or legs, or whatever that thing you're stepping on...

Catch the ball now?




So what else you want to know? I got my very own dictionary and own definition, please don't expect it's correct, though it sounds a bit logical, a bit.