Sunday, May 25, 2008


Guess it’s been a long time away from blogging again, I’m not going to say this is totally because of my laziness or bla bla bla, the truth is, after back from a busy day of working, or more precisely doing nothing in the office, I can hardly move my fingers or having any brainstorming activities, cause I’m… hmm… a bit tired and …*cough*lazy*cough cough*

Do not point the finger at me, if you really want to know any funny things happen in my working life, I can tell you it’s a lot, but what stuck inside my brain were totally numbering, debit credit or company names.

So what you expect me to blog about in this entry? Better if I just attach some pictures instead of plain black and white content.


What pictures in your mind when the word “office life” comes to you??

Mr. NTH's seat

GENERALLY, office life is :

>bored, DAMN BORED

>>a lot of stupid workload, a never ending circle of work

Little mountain

>>>must be many “old” seniors, age like auntie uncle, and of course a very very ma-huan manager

>>>>no mp3 no fun no chit – chat no time to relax no whatever that is non – related to office

My current office is quite…reversal from everything mentioned above

Yup, I’m telling you that things above are not prohibited in my office, when you stepped in the office, maybe the pc is playing some mp3, and the colleague are chatting WHILE working, the manager smile and greet you, great right?

a fairwell party at...karaoke center??


But some of them are leaving us so soon!! I baru step in the office nia two seniors left already.

these 2 throw resign letters so damn fast la!!

TJ (left) and David(right)

Our manager, Mr. Tiong, a.k.a T.J, and I getting used to call him DJ in less than a week time, felt like a mouse climb onto the head of cat, that’s fun. He looks younger than his real age, and his hand writing… 1 word, headache.

Chai Hua(left), Xiang Sui(middle) and David(right)

And these are the 3 SENIORS left us so soon, Chai Hua, David and Xiang Sui ( Perhaps wrong spelling, don’t blame me)

see how relaxed he was

Started from the guy who left us in earliest time, Xiang Sui. Though sometimes he has a serious look on his face, but he really know a lot, on how to tease or make fun of others. I’ve been tricked few times by him, however it’s totally harmless and damn funny, just keep distracting me from working. =.= I just wonder when he’s going to deliver us some red bomb??

David very David lor

The second who throw the resign letter, David, a.k.a Da Ge ( big brother). I knew I’ve done quite a lot of mistakes but it’s weird, I mean REALLY VERY THE WEIRD, he wouldn’t be angry with me no matter how serious the mistakes are, his smiley face are 24 hours on I guess. Of course, he can make fun of others perfectly as well, but always kena bomb back. Oh ya, he got a cute daughter as well. Okay guys, don’t turn your brain upside down when I mentioned about his cute daughter, she’s only 7 or 9 months old.

not sure what's Chai Hua staring at during that moment...

Third senior, Chai Hua a.k.a the whatever Japanese lucky cat. She’s still stay inside office though she can actually rest at home and waiting for another new job begin, I believes that she’s helping us to reduce some heavy work load. She loves to speak with some other girls in a very low voice sometimes, but loudly to me most of the times, I wonder why…

been invited by LSS to...err this is Hilton or what already ah?

wonder the cakes taste good or not..

LSS staff, high class o this place, even if I sell myself also can't get in here I think...

don't dare to take a lot, I will feel paiseh 1...

not my birthday okay?

They really taught me a lot, but I can’t remember that much, but still appreciate their hardwork, thanks a lot!! And oh, they are anime lovers as well, I can hardly imagine that in a real working life, a senior will intro me an online game, or discuss with me bout the anime, or borrow me pc games!! Wish them good luck no matter where they are, and keep in touch with us most of the times.

Left top: nth(me), david, ah lik, yuu hui, mei san, annie and xiao yi

Left down:ellen, weena, chai hua, err..xiang sui's gf, xiang sui,angeline, hui ping

selling sifu, contact me for price negotiation, better got 4c

If you watch the old fighting movie or TV drama, then you should have some idea bout the word “sifu”, I just got one for myself. Whenever I can’t think of what to do about my work, I will just bother her until she cannot tahan and teach me. I’m not sure whether it’s good for me to say this or not, but she’s so…M-x-x, okay I shut my mouth up, it’s certainly not rude word but I might get beaten up once I tell.

Annie, the senior that been entitled with a name of “Queen of gambling”, guess I better not to mess with her, either mahjong or cards game. Maybe I’ll be so broke after a few round of games with her, perhaps naked without any clothes, but only a box to cover myself?

Ellen, heard she’s very good in drinking, if you drink with her perhaps you’re the one who got drunk before she did. No kidding, she seriously looks like “very can drink 1” to me.

Mei San, some tell me she has the voice of sun yan zhi, and I did experience her sound once in karaoke, it’s quite similar lor. I just wonder why her head belok to one side most of the time??

Ah Lik( accidentally forgot how to spell his name) and Angeline, both of them are quiet in the office, I can’t hear their voice most of the time, and sometimes I thought they were not in office

Yuu Hui, I heard her voice most of the times, whenever the chat begin she will mostly join. Really cannot tahan with what she said sometimes, so I can’t stop myself from arguing with her.

Oh btw, free commercial here, some of my seniors are still AVAILABLE, I wouldn’t charge any fee if you wanna ask me about them, a drink will do.


I’m not sure whether that should I post the picture, or not, cause it’s kind of hilarious, but the problem is, I can’t really accept this kind of hilarious, it’s more likely a nightmare. Guess I will display that pic at the very end of this entry, whoever can’t accept it please DO NOT SCROLL DOWN, or else bear the consequences yourself.

If you’ve been to San Sheng temple during the Wesak day, then you will surely see a weirdo who wear a cap and a donation sticker on his face, while controlling the traffic and hiding away from sunshine.

want a piece of me? toilet la...

To little kid that stare at me, I know it’s funny but you don’t have to keep looking at my face right, kid? You hear what koko telling you or not? Stop staring ler, koko very the paiseh already, cause koko want to hide from those donation la.

who want this car?

During Wesak night, I’ve joined temple for a walk, a long walk. I don’t feel tired at all but funny lor, those people look at me like looking at the animals in zoo. Kanasai, my candle keep on being blow off and burn faster than others, they used only two candles but I used up to four.

kanasai, last candle already...

Guess you really want to know what the last picture is, actually it’s about the performance before Wesak day, which occurred on 17th of May. I’ve joined as kelefei actor for 2 short dramas, and don’t know why I’m the only one who get ang pao (red packet) from them, just because I’ve been cover up with a white cloth and sleep at there, do nothing until the end of drama?

Please, do not scroll down further more if you’re the kind that not dare to watch ghost movie like me, or you might got heart attack from this kind of scary pic.


....(crying at corner)