Sunday, November 16, 2008

Damai beach!!!

When someone mentioned of Damai, what’s in your mind? There’s 2 alphabets appear in my tiny brain, alpha S and B.

Of course, that sounds like Sea, Seafood and Beach.

Nice guess, unfortunately you did not spot mine.

They’re SEXYgirls with BIKINIs, hotter than KFC hot rods 1. Something like this in pic below:

Da Bigger, da better.

…I mean, the egg-tart they’re holding.

No? Not egg-tart? Ok whatever it is.

I have just done a Bikini-explore trip at Damai, with my colleagues. Disclaimer here, I was not purposely go there to peep… to do bikini research, just that one of them, Annie decided to celebrate her birthday there, so…

Since it’s a weekend, and the weather is just perfect, I was expecting that by right the ladies will stick with some beach activity, like lay themselves on the beach, putting on the sunblock and having sun bath like what foreigners did.

I think that looks like Satay with sources, or grilled fish at Jalan Song.

Whatever they look like, I will play some music deep inside my heart if I saw this kind of scene, perhaps James Brown – I feel good.

Like some other Damai trip, we drive and chit – chat, when we reached, check – in and some photo – taking session.

left -birthday girl Annie, right - hui ping

left - nth, middle - green ball, right - Annie

Mei San with de ball

nth being vain

Our room was located at hilltop, that makes me wonder of what that actually was, a room on the tree?

sth like this?

After placing our luggage…photo session follow up again.

for no reason, hui ping's face look bitter..

promoting lamp, so lamb..

legendary light bulb

flash light anyone? or spot light?

they really know how to choose view

the answer is 4

genius that drink milo, no sustagen o dumeX

Mum!! Mei San copy me!!!

Since they planned to go visit the swimming pool nearby, I have no reason to refuse to, since beach + pool = girls + bikinis.

they booked the whole pool

trying to be more retard

since she pakai that pose, i have to give up...

u took my pic, i took urs

cameraman cincai take photo 1, we need to bend down

nvr c kiddy play ball isit?

full armor o

But it’s somehow disappointing when you reach there, the pool looks like you fully own it, get what I mean?

50% of my formula suddenly went so wrong!!!

Ok fine, there’s still 50% later to be examined with.

behold, womens power!!

With faith, hope and desir..e…I mean, delightful feeling, we went to the beach for some nice sea – view, ohohoho~~




Where’s my S’s with B’s?!! Even if got girls, they’re mostly cover themselves so well, no exposure mostly.


very soon james ( Left2),chai hua(L3),weena(middle) and ellen(right1) join the team

"Tab ngo ah ban~!" cantonese translation: hit me ah stupid

you can hardly see any S swimming with B in this pool, haiz...

someone try to be naughty, perhaps he doesn't know what will happen on him soon...

ever seen the zoo ppl feeding the dolphin?

i'm not eating, i'm retaining stamina

Surprisingly, met my friend Clarence, who come for the same purpose as mine. (Ahaha cla, I’ve no idea why my hand’s trying to betray you by typing this line out, maybe because you and your friend pull me down into the pool?)

heindrick (r-1) the late comer, who brought along 24 tins beers


It’s nothing extraordinary event happen in this trip, until after we have seafood at buntal, we walked near the beach and rested, they started to tell some ghost stories. Normally I wouldn’t keep in mind for such thing, but after Clarence told me in msn that the place we rested during that night, especially that the tree near us was surrounding by some “force”, which sense by his friend.

After we went back to our room, they started to play some card games, with tons of punishment…shit la, I should have pretend asleep already, those ladies have prepared 24 tins of Heineken, make me want to sing “She's Dangerous – by M. Pokora”.

tell you not to mess with girls, don't believe me?

Don’t ask me for details, cause after 2 glasses I’m down, left the rest to the rest.