Wednesday, August 12, 2009

fill in the blank

a moody day, just don feel like laughing, or even smiling

is it because of my workload?

or my study started?

or even worst

just because i'm having a cold war with someone who care for me so much?

yawn, i don know...just feel like have been isolated and confused

thought i'm comfortable while being separated from world sometimes?

or this is just not the right timing for me to stay back the line, in the other word, be alone?


all i need is a hug and a break, i guess

being human being, is difficult

while others starting learn to think, to observe, to act, to accept, to reject

i'm still on the track

learn to learn

wish to have a little more time for me, for them

thanks to those who help wipe off my tears, when i'm sad

thanks to those who worried for me, when i'm alone

thanks to those who smile at me, and share the joyfulness

thanks to those who gave me a hand and a hug, when i need one

thanks to those who forgive me, for what i've done

thanks to those who scold me without any hesitation, but with caring

thanks to those who hurt me before, which make me stronger

thanks to everyone, thats why

i'm here

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