Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chit-chat with TM Cute Ladyyyyy, "PekCek"

Internet line down for bout 2 weeks time, which mean I can’t connect to internet normally for 2 weeks time as well.

Can’t stand this anymore, made phone calls to tmnet center and guess what? Some of their receptionists really cute, especially when they answering my questions.

Tmnet receptionists = ™

Nth = Nth la

™: Tmnet streamyx center may I help you?

Nth: I have problem with connection to internet, it keeps on line down for 2 weeks already.

™: Is your pc beside you sir?

Nth: yes it is

™: please check your modem light sir, how many is on sir

Nth: my modem light is blinking

™: which light is blinking sir? Dsl, data or others sir?

Nth: my modem only got 1 light bulb

very the "kek tiok" when some ppl can't catch what you're trying to say...

™: okay…so which light is blinking sir??

Nth: -_-; (what the…?) I’m sorry, my modem only got 1 light bulb, it shows only 1 light and it keeps on blinking

™: okay..okay.. sir may I know what is your modem?

Nth: Artnet

™: okay sir.. may I know which light is blinking sir? For example, beside the light got the name Dsl, data or other names, may I know which 1 is blinking, which 1 is not sir?

Nth: -__-||| ( tamade~!!! She got listen properly or not?) No as I said just now, my modem only got 1 light bulb, no other light bulbs with these names.

™: your modem is provided by tmnet sir?

Nth: yes it is ( of course la~)

™: so which light is blinking sir? Data, dsl or others?

Nth: ( _|_ -______-||| _|_ lim peh very the bei song already o ah moi, cannot understand what is 1 light bulb only hia?) …only got 1 light bulb…light is blinking… can you please send some technician over?

™: yes sir of course sir, but we need to know what problem your internet have sir, so we need to check your modem that which light is on, which 1 is off and which 1 is blinking sir

Nth: (…MA~DE~!!! Only 1 light bulb you want me how to do? &%*$#@ I want to knock my head on wall already o!!!) …But my modem only got 1 light bulb…

™: ok sir please hold on sir…

---2 minutes later---

™2 (another receptionist) : hello sir may I help you sir?

Nth: my internet keep on line down for 2 weeks already

™2: ok sir may I have your username and contact number sir?

Nth: ya sure

™2: ok sir here is your report number sir, if the problem is still repeating you may call back and we will arrange for you sir

Nth: thank you

™2: any other thing sir?

Nth: that’s all thank you

™2: thank you sir.

…makali, the first receptionist can really waste my time, 7 minutes ler, I can do many things you know? Why can't I just talk to second receptionist directly? It's only 20 seconds nia...

just an off topic message: to someone, I'm missing this thing so much :D anyone else wish to know what this delicious thing is, ask in comment, and maybe ( just maybe) that ppl will cia you, lolx...

gimme gimme more...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

stories in february

February, it’s really a “boring” month to me. After Chinese new year everything seems to be cooled down, no more new shirt, no ang pao, no class no work, and no mood.

Some cousins away to study again, friends started their classes as well, only me in my pc world. This should be awesome to me, don’t have to study and busy for nothing, however the fact is that, I’m still bored.

Sienz, the beginning of 2008 already turning my mood down, don’t dare to expect much from this year.

But no worry, blogging is curing my loneliness, just the problem that my ideas were gone when my pc auto restart for me. Cool ler?

Imagine you’ve done your pc work half way or almost finish, but suddenly your pc restart, and you know all your hard works gone when you show your pc blue face.


Okay enough, this kind of incident really pissed me off for uncountable times, until no rasa. If I did not blog for about 2 weeks, that means I hammer off my pc and throw to longkang already.

This entry is a review, or a summary of what important / interesting event(s) approached to me in this month.

February 17, 2008, Sun – bb destiny gundam model

Assembling this little model for few hours, this kind of work and the pc restart things really improving my tolerance.

destiny parts

ta~da~finished, approximately 6 hours needed

sword form

big cannon form

don-know-what form

with a stand, flying form


strike noir


liu bei, this 1 is really specially for beginner, less than 1 hour everything is done

February 20, 2008, Wed – cam whore with cousins

3 of them suddenly visit me without telling, and we have fun for some camera shooting sessions. Apparently I just look retard like usual in pictures.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

carol with grandma

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

ah wee with carol's pinky nds, oui I want to play!!

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

vincent aka fa zai, parttime promoter of my aunt's dc

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

no big no small hit elders

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com


Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com


Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

panda omg version

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

he's going to cry after this

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

stick together head

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

actually i'm hitting my cousin's head with mine..

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

can play mahjong oredy

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com


Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

cny left over food

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com


Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

hmm..err..i can explain this...

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

an cua? bei song?

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

my aunt

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

my aunt as well

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com


Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

naughty naughty

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

dead ah pek

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com


Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

arrr no big no small!!!

February 21, 2008, Thurs – “lui teh” at cousin house

No I don’t like “lui teh”, cause all ingredients are vegetables.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

having lui teh

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

carol's house, add in another 2 cousins

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

her nds again, fun

February 22, 2008, Fri – funny rehearsal

Helping in temple while enjoy watching some rehearsal for tomorrow. Some friends just reluctant to let me took the pictures of them!!! Just because they felt awkward when wearing a mouse headset and they look like Mickey or Minnie? NO AWKWARD IN NTH DICTIONARY!!


someone doesn't seem concentrate at all

someone who shout my name loud at my neighbour's house


they move so damn fast, this is the clearest picture I can take...

kuchi kuchi kutahei~

in the process

i like this 1, they look so cool and so man, lolx

michael jackson

hua li the big mouse

since he's the only 1 who willing to let me take this kind of pic, double post to thank him

those mice unwilling to put on their mouse headset, fine, tml i still got chance

yu bing and ah hui seems like dancing there

yea they are dancing

...and meng ren get high, join the dance as well

February 23, 2008, Sat – the real show

Some real professional performance we have here, however I’ve missed out first show, sien ah!!! However I still took some pictures successfully, especially the awkward Mickey and Minnie I’ve mentioned.

auntie uncle lai!! eat eat!!

amitabha sifu

did you see the difference between practice and formal show?

they look more charming when they getting more serious

those wushu shirts are cool


"i believe i can fly.." no? not this song?

oh my god, they look so man to me

hua li remind me of charlie sth

i like the girl's cloth, looks great, but of coz, not on me

tell you sth, those guys cloths transparency is quite high...

1 of our great singer, pih mei

another 1, jun han

"who knows nth's car plate number? answer me and you got red packet"

"2965!!" ok, how did xiao chee know my car plate number?

yu bing (cai shen ye) : "ahhh!! i saw a mouse, a mouse!"

"...a mouse with some red packets, ahh she's scary!!!"

ah hui ( emperor) :" where's my guitar?"

"yo yo, cai shen ye is in da house, so dance with me yo yo~"

"shakira shakira"

"my lord, that was fun, much better than clubbing you know?"

"I can just shake like shakira, twisting so hard!"

"...and my back was hurt, ouch.."

ahbi:" not fair tauke, i bei song oredy, i want to dance as well"

mouse A:"he look drunk"

mouse B:"definitely he was"

mouse C:"drunk noob"

"i heard what joo all said, no matter what must let me dance!!"

"ok la, just don disturb my sleep"

"wohoho, dancing party started again~"

cai shen ye:" can't hear what i've said is it? beat him!!"

the show end like this

ying hui the host :"...and they all dance happily ever after~"

February 24, 2008, Sun – torture kids time

Being asked to help them by hosting a gaming session for those “khidmat Negara” kids, I really enjoyed this 1 hour torturing event. It could be my new way to release on every Sunday, my feel good channel.

February 26, 2008, Tues – sake!!

Joined Evelyn, Zhi Ping and Cassandra for lunch or... dinner? Having some sushi at the spring, for your info I’ve only ordered 2 plates, and I’m full already, since I have my lunch before this. However those ladies are awesome, they consumed 4 or 5 plates in no time.

cass, ping, evie and nth

i don quite remember what is this, crab~

this 1 is sake, and it taste really sake ( wine in japanese), i feel a bit drunk

February 27, 2008, Wed – intruder

A Lundu relative paid a sudden visit, and stayed with us for 2 days, torturing. Once she came, she’s sick, and the troublesome is that, she reluctant to go to clinic.

February 29, 2008, Fri – intruder(s)

Finally she recovered and return to her hometown, I thought this was over, however there was another upcoming nightmare. Another 3 relatives in da house, and 2 of them going to stay one night with me, is it called one night stay or one night stand? What the heck!! I have no interest in male, and those 2 are males!! Can’t sleep soundly because they didn’t switch off their handphones.

And oh, I almost forgot about a BIG event we’re all having here, a coming soon election. Whoever win in this election doesn’t concern me that much, as long as my kolomee price doesn’t increase. One bowl of kolomee price RM4.00 and above? Eat grass or eat myself, those RM4 kolomee sellers wouldn’t earn my $$ anymore.