Thursday, December 13, 2007

Way to release your anger???

Sometimes I'm very angry, or frustrated, or both in the same time. It might be because of certain acts, or even more ridiculous, being a sadist without any reason.

"Where's my milk? I'M ANGRY LIAO O!!!"

How did I get this emo problem off so far? Simple, listening to music will do, and sing out loud.


Well this is my own way to express, it's very normal I know, at least I don't behave like the kid in this video...

Reasons for why I don't:

-I don't dare to smash my keyboard like he did, because I can hardly get a new one, it's EXPENSIVE you know

-My family will rush to me before I can completely destroy my keyboard like the kid did.

-My neighbours will LOL at me while making a call to police station.

-I feel paiseh when my face been displayed in newspaper as hot topic.

-The keyboard might be harder than my hands, it might remain undamaged while I need to visit hospital for my poor hands.

Note : The kid in that video is not really that mad, he's acting, I just wanna show you all how mad can a person goes like, and how funny it is.

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