Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Spring

I've waiting for this shopping mall for ages, ages!! Though there are other jumbo size malls going to show up in Kuching as well, but my expectation toward The Spring is much higher, since it's located near my house...

(Anonymous A: hey it's not jumbo to others ok?)
(Anonymous B: forgive that frog lolx, he's still in his well)
(Anonymous A: a wishing well lmao!!)
(Anonymous B: suddenly feel like wanna make lots of wishes, any coin?)
(Anonymous A: stone will do)

Well, quite a number of bloggers have discussed bout the update process and attachment of pictures, so there's no point for me to repeat the same line again and again. So I will end up this entry now...

...Nah~~ To tell the truth, I'm more interested in the tenant list, what are they going to sell to us is attracting me, especially the Manhattan Fish Market and Sushi King, oooOOO yeahh~ Well I'm not quite sure how tasty the food is, they should not turn me down with their reputation.

Here's a tenant name in The Spring that capture my attention immediately, M.S COLLECTION!!!

My definition:
M.S = Mobile Suit, include GUNDAM
M.S Collection = Lots of GUNDAM models???

"Looking for me?"

Wohohoho YEAH~ !!!
(Anonymous A: gundam freak)
(Anonymous B: call police or ambulance?)
(Anonymous A: just dig a hole and get him buried)

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