Monday, December 10, 2007


We've been reminded to be "creative" and include every possible creativeness in every idea. However, does the attachment of creativeness in an action achieve certain goal?

If you think this topic is very confusing, I'll make it another way round for more interesting explanation, how bout for example; when Magnum 4D company implement their idea in a couple's blessed wedding dinner? For those who don't really know what this company is, its a licensed company that operate "gambling" activity legally.

Seriously this is not a joke, I've just witnessed a gift like this in a wedding dinner:

I'm going to be rich soon, real soon...

back view of the "gift"

Warning: ADULT CONTENT, please read this with parental advice if you're under 21 yo

get yourself a pen to fill this up

Let me count...approximately it's RM1,000,000?? wohooo~

I admit it's creative, since this wedding dinner got lot's of attendants who like to try their luck, without having to queue up a few lines for grabbing a chance to win the prize money away. But it's scary when the attendants include those guys who are addicted to this gambling, they will even spend half of their salary for few pieces of small paper, and nothing else. If this creativeness will work as reminder to those innocent individuals, I can only shut my mouth up, and see this tragicomedy repeatings.

The fact is... I left this "gift" on the table right after the wedding dinner, because I was not really fancy of this kind of opportunity, since it's very mere possibility for me to get this windfall gain, why don't I just face the reality? I've just get used to live with an empty wallet, and a grateful attitude toward my life. Also appreciate this company to implement this creativeness, and indirectly provide me the idea to have this blog entry.

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