Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Now What? Download Also Illegal?

Download at your own risk

"KUALA LUMPUR: If you download material illegally from the Internet, be prepared to fork out a minimum fine of RM250,000.

This is the warning from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry to Malaysians who continue to illegally download songs, videos and the like... "

For more details, view here

What you think, readers? This seems like an "improvement" again, congratulation to them, to those who set this rule.

What else can I try to commend? I don't wish to be the next after NAMEWEE (Wee Meng Chee), if you know what happen to him after he revealed his identity as a singer of "Negarakuku". Click to watch in youtube, I just can't show it in here, dude here is Malaysia YOU KNOW.

Omg, respect to that flag you know?

Seriously, as a MALAYSIAN nowadays, yes you have freedom, but not totally free as what the word means. You want some examples? FINE, you asked for it.

-if you wanna critic bout Malaysia politicians, do it "wisely", you must not directly say they are wrong, even if the fact is, they really are.

you should keep your mouth shut, if not they might sue you if they feel that it is necessary, or the least, announce in newspapers and make it publicity. Never google democracy and show this to them, or else you're likely in trouble. See Khairy case:

"Never crossed my mind to apologise!! Fight for our race!!" contradiction of democracy, please don't tell us that you're from OXFORD, if yes, wasted

-don't try to challenge them by asking question like:" can you please do this and that to help other races?" They might LOL at you in their heart, and answer your questions IN NEWSPAPER or TV.

Note: I DON'T MEAN to be racist here, but if you insist to think so, up to you, I have high tolerance on stupidity and for those who have disability to understand. Read more:Lim Kit Siang's Blog

Some of my friends asked me whats next after this? Hmm wondering wondering, the possibilities are uncountable, depend on how they play the law, oh sorry, TYPING ERROR, i mean, how they set and enforce the principles of law.

Maybe we can't... :

-watch vcd or dvd at home, in order to solve the pirated problem?

-study at foreign university, only locally


Note: All of above assumption are JOKES, if you take them seriously it's your problem.