Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Did you ever...?

I' like to watch some funny videos in youtube, funny in the sense that sometimes these videos are focus mostly in making fun of others. So this time, I'll share some of them that are related to parody.

Did anyone ever watch Britney Spears <Gimme More> music video? If you have not been to, here's a link to the official clips :


it's been a history, Britney

After you have watched it, or maybe you don't even bother to try do so, I'm hereby proudly present to you, the NONSENSE yet FUNNY VERSION:

Oh by the way, this video might cause some inner impact that completely ruin your Britney Spear's image, so don't try to click and watch if you're one of Britney's big fans.

Another hilarious clip, also parody by the guy Gregory Scarnici as Britney in the previous act, in this clip he's trying to do the same thing to Fergie, a great singer in the group Black Eyed Peas.

Fergie:" Omigosh!! Someone parody me?"

Black Eyed Peas:"It's kind of serious when one of us been parody, gentlemen"

Follow up by a parody of Beyonce "ring the alarm", I just love the music, while enjoying the laughter. Another WARNING, a censored scene which might be quite uncomfortable to certain individual, so don't try to play the video if you're not ready.

Beyonce da great

I've found a higher quality clip of "ring the alarm" from http://www.gregscarnici.com/Ring_The_Alarm.html, don't blame me for late informing, I've just found it.

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