Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stupid Driving Skill

I just don't get it.

How long I've been driving on road?

-Few years.

How often did i bump into other cars?

-once per year, if not mistaken

-generally this is not an estimated or desirable number for future

-and it's not what i hope for in my future, touchwood

However it just happen on today
Damn it

What? You can't read what i'm trying to say because the font size is too small?
sorry sorry

i mean, DAMN IT

This kind of accident normally screw up a normal individual mood, and this one just accidentally screwed up mine and my family's mood.

I don't really have the mood to explain the whole "event" in details, to make it short, my car just "scratch" with the car which park at roadside, somewhere near Sarawak Plaza.

I knew that i can't blame on anyone, since it's my own fault for not paying so much attention.

But try to think of it, what the heck did that stupid guy park at roadside?? For his or her own convenience? Furthermore it's a busy road ??

I admit, sometimes if I'm being too busy, i will do the same thing, in the condition that my car is not causing any trouble to other road users.

But elo uncle/ auntie,

-did you see how many cars passing by?

-do you know how small the road is? Especially when you block out one side?

-do you know what will happen due to your fraudulent but innocent action?

DO YOU?? I really hope you did because your action just causing damage toward my dear old car. It's not a stack of money or more than that can comfort me and make yourself less guilty, perhaps you're not being guilty at all.

What? You're telling me to thank you, appreciate for that you do not park like this?

"Look kid, usually i park this way!!"
thank you...

My dear old car has sacrificed a lot for me, because of my poor driving skill. Sorry old buddy...

Immediately I came out from my car to look for that guy to tell him "sorry i've scratched your car just now, hope your car is okay, if any repairing needed please tell me."

However when i walked nearby his car, i found out that car remain undamaged. Okay, it's my luck maybe. Or maybe it's his luck? Furthermore, he's not in his car!!! Wth, you thought your car is what?? Autobot like transformer is it???

"No worry, we will transform and move away if master is not around"

Can you imagine that he's actually leaving his car there? Only his wife or whoever she is, came out from that car and walked away, like telling me"It's none of my business", " I don't know o~ DON'T KNOW O~~"

Okay it's fine, I've done what I should do instead of hit and run, but what should I tell my aunt? She'll be very upset if she heard this happen again.

Screw it, thats why I don't like to drive. After telling her honestly what happen to her car, she kept quiet for whole day. Exactly the same thing I've been estimated.

It's a very bad feeling when someone who is caring for you is upset, and especially they're upset because of you, even if they not telling.

Bloody, though i know it's my own fault but i still feel like want to complaint about it, to nobody. And hate those who park like this for being so inconsiderate. Don't feel like being a good guy anymore, this is stupid when almost everyone is doing the same thing and you still being considerable for others.

There's something we called "what goes around, comes around".

Sincerely I hope that guy will park his car at roadside again, and hope someone will drive something nice over, maybe something like this:


Or even something much better than a bigfoot...

Double awesome!!

Finally a song to illustrate my current feeling towards the owner of that car...

Britney Spears - Piece Of Me

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