Sunday, April 6, 2008

low low low lol~

Forget about the title, recently I've been busy and can't make up my mind to blog, me and my initiative are "drowning" in those more and more upcoming pc games, and "some" temple's work.

Everything becomes wonderful when your hopes are no longer plain hopes, but it turn into reality. Right now I have the feeling that everything is so wonderful, even the mosquitoes that are bitting me, wonderful!! *PIAK*

Finally got 1 of my wishlist items, a FIT CPU with everything that is supposed to be fit in for gaming purpose, has been installed in and much higher performance than the previous one, MAN~ Well my desires do not end up so fast, but at least half of my satisfaction been fulfilled.

Too bad no photos for sharing recently, wonder which tikus stole my handphone-connect-to-pc plug, maybe mickey mouse? Hmm wonderful, maybe I will just buy another 1 then.

Recently been leaving paces in this game HOLIC, some ss (screen shots) for sharing:

resting mode

act like zombie..

fighting mode

i heard rabbit is kinda delicious...just kidding..

my friend and kangaroo

the consequences of touching the kangaroo...1 hit ko

omg I can fly?

landed unsuccessfully...


Strong Genius said...


vivien said...

hahha...if u r ther eal person in tat games...when u land unsuccessfully, what will gonna happen hor..hahha

lone said...

.... btw, ur work... nvm. Assume that i never ask~

cheh, memang rich o u. So rich can change pc. ish~ i want one too. bu~ huuu~

Wing sponsor me, i want to change oso. lol~ then we together play online ok (Cheating~)

Beh song la me, both me n fran work so hard and not even can afford a flat monitor. Now tu got someone change their pc without WORKING... what kind of world is this.

oh~ ya hor, no point saying this. These world tu is rich guy live comfort, poor guy work to die one~ o well.

vivien said...

lone...I also just get a new flat wide samsunf screen...wahahaha..but i'm not rich, i also buy it with my gaji one things, rugi banyak ooohh..

Dwinz said...

LOL... I'm sloggin off and people play game.... buhuhuuhuhuhu

Ntheng said...

strong genius : thats surely a wise guy strong genius, u can bow to the mirror every morning lolx

vivien : heard edwin's that u got a 19 flat screen samsung as well, and he claimed to be samsung's promoter now

lone : o lone, bout the work mar...wait they vote me to be president la... i'm waiting for ur words lone, sponsor u rm0.05 then play online with me XD

edwin : somebody still get holic online from me o...i wonder is that somebody slogging off while in holic world..

lone said...

wao~ everyone one rich rich belakang lei...

ai~ no la can't buy things yet... might go for some course which cause all the saving i have...

some more got loan, insurance and tons of things to pay off before i can reach my hand to new pc.

vivien :oh~i'm not saying buying it mean rich... jus wanna tease this blog owner who can get new thing free...haha

eh wing prepare up the disc so i can get them by august

jus need the wat wat spirit one.. others i got liao