Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chit-chat with TM Cute Ladyyyyy, "PekCek"

Internet line down for bout 2 weeks time, which mean I can’t connect to internet normally for 2 weeks time as well.

Can’t stand this anymore, made phone calls to tmnet center and guess what? Some of their receptionists really cute, especially when they answering my questions.

Tmnet receptionists = ™

Nth = Nth la

™: Tmnet streamyx center may I help you?

Nth: I have problem with connection to internet, it keeps on line down for 2 weeks already.

™: Is your pc beside you sir?

Nth: yes it is

™: please check your modem light sir, how many is on sir

Nth: my modem light is blinking

™: which light is blinking sir? Dsl, data or others sir?

Nth: my modem only got 1 light bulb

very the "kek tiok" when some ppl can't catch what you're trying to say...

™: okay…so which light is blinking sir??

Nth: -_-; (what the…?) I’m sorry, my modem only got 1 light bulb, it shows only 1 light and it keeps on blinking

™: okay..okay.. sir may I know what is your modem?

Nth: Artnet

™: okay sir.. may I know which light is blinking sir? For example, beside the light got the name Dsl, data or other names, may I know which 1 is blinking, which 1 is not sir?

Nth: -__-||| ( tamade~!!! She got listen properly or not?) No as I said just now, my modem only got 1 light bulb, no other light bulbs with these names.

™: your modem is provided by tmnet sir?

Nth: yes it is ( of course la~)

™: so which light is blinking sir? Data, dsl or others?

Nth: ( _|_ -______-||| _|_ lim peh very the bei song already o ah moi, cannot understand what is 1 light bulb only hia?) …only got 1 light bulb…light is blinking… can you please send some technician over?

™: yes sir of course sir, but we need to know what problem your internet have sir, so we need to check your modem that which light is on, which 1 is off and which 1 is blinking sir

Nth: (…MA~DE~!!! Only 1 light bulb you want me how to do? &%*$#@ I want to knock my head on wall already o!!!) …But my modem only got 1 light bulb…

™: ok sir please hold on sir…

---2 minutes later---

™2 (another receptionist) : hello sir may I help you sir?

Nth: my internet keep on line down for 2 weeks already

™2: ok sir may I have your username and contact number sir?

Nth: ya sure

™2: ok sir here is your report number sir, if the problem is still repeating you may call back and we will arrange for you sir

Nth: thank you

™2: any other thing sir?

Nth: that’s all thank you

™2: thank you sir.

…makali, the first receptionist can really waste my time, 7 minutes ler, I can do many things you know? Why can't I just talk to second receptionist directly? It's only 20 seconds nia...

just an off topic message: to someone, I'm missing this thing so much :D anyone else wish to know what this delicious thing is, ask in comment, and maybe ( just maybe) that ppl will cia you, lolx...

gimme gimme more...


~kit~ said...

lai la... come swinburne, gt new stall. gt sell cheezy macaroni.

Lone said...

Waoooo~ never though that the receptionist sooooo~ good.

aiyo mayb she heard ur sound very sweet wanna hear more ma~ wakakaka

~kit~ said...

yalor... agree with lone. since u are so the cute..

Ntheng said...

WAT? really ka kit? delicious o not?

lone, damn good o, i wan to bombastic her oredy with my very sweet de sound...eh edwin tml wan 2 go kl play oredy, find him lor

Dwinz said...

LOL...U make me so hungry now wing!!! Muarrr!!

vivien said...

hahhaa......u're so funny~ if i'mthe one who make this call, i will cut off the phone immediately. i won't have such patient to wait wait n wait...still repeated for 3 times and wait for another receptionist~ lolz...TH, u should go my ICT blog have a look..den you will be more hungry by then..haha

Ntheng said...

edwin when lone back bring us to that restaurant again!!

vivien, if i don do so then i need to sabar for my internet line up and down, so better sabar with this cute receptionist..
whats ur ict blog anyway? u didn tell us and how r we going to visit ler? XD

lone said...

ekk... where u taking me to eat ? aidi all i wan is laksa when back home... dun give me eat things that is weird(wakakaka~)

i no money de o~ so dun go too expensive place

(not as rich as someone that no need work got new pc again) XD

Anonymous said...

aiyo..u really sabr until tat kind of level hor..not bad..

hahaha...ok ...u direct can go my ICT blog thru this acc..lolz


Anonymous said...

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