Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tagged me? Think twice

Ohhhh issssh, I’m kind of busy, quite busy, and so busy for this Chinese New Year preparation.

Though I’ve done shopping for new clothes, house cleaning is almost completed as well, I still need to free up more times for sending friends cny wishes in friendster, planning on the schedule and route for visiting relatives and friends houses, assemble 1 more gundam model and busy thinking on what else to do. See how busy I am, bo pian~

Someone just suddenly provide me some initiative/reason to blog, in other words, I’ve been tagged by this someone.

And this is the first time been tagged, so… piece of cake la, some words bla bla bla will do.

Starting tag questions:

Seven things you plan to do before you die

1. earn $$ and spend, and spend, and spend
2. hunt for more sd bb gundam models
3. look at all my photo albums, just skip my naked part…( grrr dad, I’ll remember that)
4. eat all the delicious but too expensive food ( eat revenge)
5. blogging
6. say bye bye to all my love one
7. find someone to resurrect me

Seven things you can do

1. can assemble gundam model
2. can talk crap until others fall asleep
3. can let others feel cold without telling single cold joke
4. can hug those who need a hug
5. can mess up all the work in short times
6. can piss others off without purposely
7. can tagged and laughed at those who been tagged by me (u can't see this line, u can't see this line..)

u can't see this line...

Seven most repeated phrases or words

1. gy la
2. eh
3. majiam mana?
4. oh
5. ha….
6. err…
7. cham!!

Seven physical traits you look for the opposite sex

1. nice
2. very nice
3. super duper nice
4. cute
5. angel face devil’s body (no terbalik/vice versa)
6. always smile? ( not a must)
7. body size not too big ( who wants a sumo lady, tell me)

no not this kind of cute...

Three names you go by

1. ah heng
2. wing
3. lz

Three things you like about yourself

1. cute
2. very cute
3. don want to mention liao….

Three things you don't like about yourself

1. skinny
2. being too cute
3. what else?

Three things that scares me

1. failed exams
2. high place
3. the sound when a cat scratch the blackboard

Three drinks *non and alcoholic*

1. fresh milk
2. chocolate milk
3. … milk la

u want to try alcoholic - content drink?

Three of your daily essentials

1. handphone
2. pc
3. money

Three things that you are wearing now

1. pyjamas
2. ring
3. ….o no…

don asked me what else I'm wearing now...

Three of my favourite movies

1. transformer
2. simpson the movie
3. huo yuan jia

Two Truths and A Lie

1. Truth 1 : I am cute
2. Truth 2 : I am very cute
3. Lie: I am not cute at all

Three things about the opposite sex that appeals you

1. she got a cute face
2. kind heart
3. errr…too many factors I guess? I can get appealed easily by many things

Three careers that you are considering, or have considered

1. accountant (considering)
2. computer game developer (considered)
3. president (considering)

Three people you would like to tag ( the part I like the most)

1. Edwin (AHAHAHA!!!)
2. Carol (try to kutuk my back kok?)
3. Jack (think he’s busy as well, so I pick on him)


Happy cny to everyone, especially to those that were being tagged, enjoy~


~kit~ said...

wah... so kolian ho... tagged by someone... haiz...

Dwinz said...

u ar...make be 'boh eng' nia...

Ntheng said...

kit: yalor, that someone still dare to come here say me ko lian kok, see when i tag her back...

edwin: don blame me, blame "someone"