Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Say~La~Vi Time

NOTE : Quite a longgggggggggggg entry, might be longer than my finger nails.


Part 1: no Genting not cold at all…where is my jacket?


Continue from previous entry, admit that I’m really a bit old, after a long time sitting in this over 100kmh speed taxi, I can’t even stand straight after came out from taxi.

Cheh, I thought the temperature will make me feel like in a refrigerator, so disappointed~ I felt so warm outside taxi, don’t think I even need jacket.


*Shiver shiver*

Okay where’s my yellow jacket...I remember it was inside my luggage…

Quite a lot of people here, people mountain people sea is definitely fit in. Great, now I have to hunt another cousin out from all these mountain and sea?

Nuts, I will scream his name and run away, since it’s the easiest way I can think of. “Ah boy YOU BETTER COME OUT FAST!!” Shouting like this is fun.

I think he just sense some amazing action I’m going to do, he pop up with a backpack, crossing arm walk to us. Not to forget his face very tulan, maybe I stepped on his tail accidentally.

sorry la, didn notice your tail what...




Skip all the same process every tourist will have done, check in, get key of the room, hands off luggage and tada, everything just fine. Ah boy wants to meet his friends outside the hotel, and I want to have some walk as well.

look normal, aren't they? you're WRONG!!!

Oh wow, he really got bunch of polite friendly young friends here, 5 ladies and 2 young guy, they all look normal to me. Seems like I’ve totally forgotten some key words, “do not judge a book by its cover”, great, I just did it. They will reveal their true faces soon, but not in this entry.

some evil here...

Since they all have their dinner, I decided to have mine, and continue exploration at Genting.

My my, lots of nice decorated shops, beautiful light on ceiling, cute ladies on the ground, it’s really my luck to be born in this world.

Oh wow, statue of liberty… in here? Oh well, relax, earth is round and anything can happen.

wonder how much did she pay for the travel fee?

Oh wow wow, statue of liberty again…what? Riding on a bike? I can’t believe my eyes, or maybe my spec is blurr…

did she ever pass her driving test?

Coming up next, statue of liberty riding in mat rempit style.

skillful, is what all I've to say about...

Just kidding.

Oh my god oh my god oh my… I can’t believe it…no it’s too real for me… *pinch my face*

Ouch, it hurts, I’m not in dreamland I guess.

I found a KFC shop!!! XD

Okay lame joke, at least it’s cheaper than a rm 25 chicken rice in a restaurant which located at Genting.

Skip swallowing and digesting finger-licking-good things, we met ah boy’s friend at somewhere at Genting again, and they were decided to go for McD.

And ah dee, stop dancing all the time while they were chatting, would you? -_-|||


Part 3: laughter never end


Second round start, I know my stomach still got some empty space, so I’ve ordered some French fries and curly fries for all of us, then an ice cream for myself as well.

hey stop testing my hp will ya?

Suddenly the counter lady asked me something, I thought she asked me to wait and she will deliver my order. Unfortunately it was not, they were asking to help a China tourist place her order.

That tourist can speak very well Beijing mandarin, too fast too furious for the counter ladies to catch I guess. Luckily I like to watch some movie which full of this kind of speaking style, and I can speak like them as well, a bit.

Finally everything was set, but seems like some of my cousin friends just missing. Fine, those fries will be into my stomach then.

I've smelled cny

My cousin friends, those teenagers were having their burgers and chit-chat, the atmosphere was just fine. Suddenly one of them, Ken just stand up and walk to the counter, with his half burger and empty cup, he asked for refill of his drink.

see how the counter lady smile, lolx

Actually that was nothing special, but what I really cannot tahan is that, I noticed that he request for refill while his mouth was still busy with the burger, and both of his hands holding half of it and empty cup. The waitress just smile at him, which we’re laughing so damn hard.

no rushing, so just finish your burger inside your mouth slowly

C’mon Ken, can’t you just finish your burger first? Or at least, swallow the piece in your mouth when you want to speak.

Don’t look at me, I only taking your photos for some reason, your other friends have video up your every hilarious movement.

poor 2 kids lolx

believe this, we chased *cough* away 2 kids for taking pics with ronald


Part 4: casino not for kids


If you went to Genting without enter casino, such a waste. Unless you’re under 21 years old, or with a messy outfit, or both.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not say that you must bring lots and lots of cash inside, or credit card for gambling.

The truth is that, there got free milo and Nescafe…XD

Okay okay, not funny. Actually it’s a bit sayang if you did not experience the feeling in casino. I can’t really take photos in there cause they have just took away my camera and cctv spying on me 24 hours. Call me coward.

The really damn damn thing is that, my cousin entered the casino safely, the security guard did not even eye on him, while I want to get over, he stopped me!!

What? You wanna look at my IC? You think I’m too young?? Your eyes telling me that I’m not even finished my secondary form 3 yet right???


Fine, let you see until you song. The guard looked at my IC, then look at me; look at IC again, and look at me, again. ^&$%$ SAY SOMETHING, GUARD.

There were lots of aunties and uncles trying their luck on every money-eating-machine or table with some numbering. While I’m enjoying my hot milo, my cousin and his friends withdraw some money and exchange for some token.

I do wish any of them got the luck, so I can get some free meal or whatever from them, lolx. However it seems like normal ending to me, everyone back to sleep after their tokens been taken away by those bankers or whoever they are.

Night view from the hotel room was just fascinating, however my shaking hands were not able to take any wonderful pictures, these are the best of what my hands can do.


isn't it just romantic?

my camera almost slip off from my hands..


~kit~ said...

wah.. really long oh... haha...
should be "honest" again. i only look at the pics... hahaha...

Ntheng said...

hmm..honest, good, next time i post many pics 1 then, but my hand shaking shaking very hard to take pics ler..

Dwinz said...

LOL...super long eh... but I will be honest too. I read the whole post but le... knot remember all. LOlx

I think the guard look at the IC and you for so long and think inside his heart/mind... "this guy is so so cute~~" aww... i wanna bring him home... XD

Curly fries.... when we go conquer ar?? I mean in KCH.... haha

Wow... genting looks so bright at night....nice... get new cam with anti-shake software XD

Pheng said...

hey,since av1 is honest,so i m honest too,i read de whole post,some of it is really funny!I agree wif wad ur fren said mayb u look too cute so the guard tink that u r under 21 ma..who noe u r "old=apek",haha..dun kek tiok,lol

~kit~ said...

every1 so honest... but atleast still read the "whole post" hahaha...
me? sorry lor... lazy..

~JiNg~ said...

wat to do..tat's our "dai dong yuan" to write very long de...but luckily...most of them very funny ...hahax...oh ya..btw...oi..heng...u had been infected by the virus ka..? owes SA~LA~VI~..SA~LA~VI~..later becom second KEN already....muahahaha...

Chalvis Jia Jing said...

wat to do..tat's our "dai dong yuan" to write very long de...but luckily...most of them very funny ...hahax...oh ya..btw...oi..heng...u had been infected by the virus ka..? owes SA~LA~VI~..SA~LA~VI~..later becom second KEN already....muahahaha...

Ntheng said...

my words to you all are : BIG THANKS to all readers, either finished reading whole post or scanned, credit not to me but to everyone, without readers, i got no rooms for improvement

edwin: i think we will conquer it when some1 is coming back, hmm since that some1 promise us hoho~ and not to forget that if he could bring our future ah sou back, that is better lor

pheng: another guy, 梦仁 asked me at temple during saturday gathering, the question was : you're over 21 yo meh? my face was like -_____-|||

kit:hmmm I really need to work out sth that can let you finished reading at least once lor, but u know my style like what my cousin mentioned, i'm so kepo XD

adee:no ler i didn kena any virus...say~la~vi~ no no i didn, and i wonder did ken saw himself in my post oredy, next target is on oredy, but not too fast to write lor, need to study a bit liao

Dwinz said...

haha..wing ask you don't act cute liao...see see now everyone thinks you are underage kid...LOL

Aiyo want ah sou come here ar... hard lo I think... lol....ah sou very shy shy one ler...

Ntheng said...

eh edwin, that time i didn act at casino o, I pretend to be mature oredy...

aiyo then we need to wait for a longggg time liao, and that lone really ah, can't even remember what time was his flight...

~kit~ said...

lolz... not kepo..
u know la.. old ppl very loso de...

lone said...

erm did someone mention me here?

hmmm... guess not. lol, oi one curly fried how much arr? erm is it 2 something...gosh...promise 8...that's mean.... geee 20 bug for fries... worth o not o....

comfirm no "ah sou" arr. damn, wan see her so much to go johor with

Ntheng said...

kit: thats why u youngster shud let old folk like me continue loso lor, if not loso then maybe will kena some old ppl sickness lor

lone: i'm not sure o, jz blurr blurr order nia, u promised us 8 curly ah? enough enough, eat until i vomit oso can oredy, right edwin? XD, go jb? ok sure, u provide us ticket...

~kit~ said...


lone said...

(=- = ) tsk tsk tsk really see food eyes open punya pig dog fren...

ok la 8 tu 8 lo~ peh peh fa chai la... ( = .=)

Ntheng said...

no lone u're so wrong, i'm not only see food open, but $$ as well...XD